About Us


Before I started selling fabrics I made various crafts. When I was very young I remember doing Artex paints, rug hooking and sewing for my dolls. While in college I got a job in a fabric store and I was in heaven. After I got married my husband bought me my first embroidery machine. I used to embroider on towels, bibs and tote bags and take them to various craft shows in our area but as we get older we found the setup and take down of the display was getting harder and harder not to mention trying to do either of those things in the rain and wind makes it a real challenge.

With so many craft stores closing it has been very hard to find good quality fabrics with designs I liked, then it hit me, why don’t I sell fabric online.

It has been a challenge to find companies who were willing to sell to a startup online business. The other challenge has been to have room and funds to offer a good assortment of fabrics.

We attended trade shows and approached companies until we found some who were willing to work with startup companies. Others will come on line as our company grows.

If you have specific fabrics that you are looking for, let us know and we will keep our eyes open as we go to the trade shows.